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 Copyright Infringement!

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PostSubject: Copyright Infringement!   Thu Feb 26, 2015 3:52 pm


Plagiarism is the act of taking or stealing something that is not yours without permission -- it is similar to copyright infringing in several ways. Plagiarism can lead to things that copyright infringement can and may as well be just as bad. If you steal another’s words, ideas, expression or thoughts, you may be plagiarizing. If you quote someone’s words and give proper credit you won’t be plagiarizing their work. If you adjust their ideas and give credit for the original thoughts, you won’t be plagiarizing their work. You need to make sure that you do not plagiarize a piece of work. Whether it is literature, an idea, artwork – whatever – you must credit the original individual so you do not have trouble.

On another note that also relates to copyright infringing: if you would like to use something that is not under the creative commons license you must ask the individual who created the work before using it. If your request is denied you need to respect their decision. If your request to use this individual’s work (whoever it may be) is accepts you still need to credit them to avoid any problems.

Copyright infringement is a serious crime that is widely recognized and can lead to real life problems. It is best to avoid this act for your safety and the creator of the work’s safety.

We do not tolerate this at any cost, if you are caught copying any of the site's material you will be perminatly BANNED
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Copyright Infringement!
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